Change the direction of your Life! 

Play The Intuition Game.

For less than the cost of a night at the movies, 

You could be playing The Intuition Game with your friends and family 

at your local Yoga Studio, Wellness Centre or in the comfort of your home.

How can you trust your decisions?

How can you be certain which road to take?

How can you be sure of your choices?

We all have a natural tool we can access - it is our Intuition - constantly ready to give us the answers we seek. 


Over the course of 90 minutes, we will take you on a fun, interactive way you can access these insights as we play - The Intuition Game.

We created The Intuition Game so that in a very short space of time, you can ask the meaningful questions necessary to give your journey its true north and take your next steps with full confidence.

By the end of the game, you will have practical answers and a fun, accurate way you can consult your intuition regularly, giving your life’s course the direction it needs to thrive.

We come to your Studio or Wellness Centre where together, with a group of likeminded people, we have 90 minutes of fun, consulting our intuition to gain pinpoint direction to the questions you seek answers for.

Private Sessions

For a Limited Time we are scheduling Live Games at Yoga Studios throughout California, Oregon & Washington.

To play the game at your local Yoga Studio or Wellness Centre register your interest here.

Get together five or more friends for a fun night in and we can play the game in a live online session at a time convenient to you.


Schedule an appointment to play The Intuition Game

with your friends in the privacy of your own home.

How much is it?

Yoga Studios

Wellness Centres

Per Person

Per Person

Min. 5 people per session


The same, only that we come to your home virtually, live and online while you and your friends have a meaningful evening of fun and interaction as you ask the questions you seek answers for. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a decent web-cam. 

How does is it work?

Why Hesitate - 

Trust Your Intuition Now!

All you have to do is take the first step.

George & Bobi Kaponay - Inventors of The Intuition Game

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