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When did I give up on my dream? Where is the voice of that idealistic 16-year-old who had a burning passion for life, the one who was so certain of the way things were going to turn out? This is a conversation I am hearing more and more in my daily life with my former colleagues and from many of the people we meet on our travels around the world. That determination to be true to oneself and follow through on living your dream. But the question I always ask when having that conversation is, What you’re doing now, was it ever really your dream? Too few say Yes. When faced with that question, many honestly say that they didn’t know when it was they diverted course, just that at one point in time, they somehow settled, exchanging the realising of their dream for security and stability-

The I can have it all image is perhaps one of the most lustrous and appealing notions in our society. For the last hundred years, much attention has been given to perpetuating this image, so much so, it has been emblazoned onto to the human psyche. Heavily laced with a good dollop of glitz and glamour, it also preserves the myth that we can do it all on our own…My Way. In western societies, this has mostly left us with people who feel an over-inflated sense of entitlement, who are completely wasteful of key resources, all of which has led us to the creation of countless things we never ever needed and a planetary level disaster with many unhappy people wandering the earth aimlessly. 

With that said, I am a firm believer that you can have it all, just not at the expense of others, the planet and yourself. For me, the problem with this image and the way that it is sold, is three-fold. 

How do you Find and Know it is YOUR DREAM?

Most of us are wandering around chasing a dream that never really was our own. Like so many, we have been sold on a carefully constructed and homogeneously neat image of what the happy life is. This neither resembles our internal vision of happiness, nor does it make sense to our innate knowledge of who we are. 

We are in conflict with ourselves and others and out of alignment with almost everything around us. In this environment, how can we find what our dream really is and how can we be sure it is our dream and not something conveniently served up to us?

There is a simple but very effective answer to this question. We are all built with an internal compass, one that always points its way to our true north. It is indomitable and has always been there, yet, over time, and conditioning, its call to us has been deafened to our ears.

I speak of our intuition, and just how powerful a tool it is as an accurate compass for finding and defining our direction. Over the last eight years, as a family (along with my wife and our twin 15 year old children), we have constantly deferred to its application in determining our direction, projects and dreams. This has seen us in the last five years, travel the world constantly to 32 countries on six continents, start a share economy project that positively impacted the world and saw our daughter, at 14 years of age, become one of the world’s youngest published authors. This compass will help you find the direction to travel in that will make you happy on all levels of your existence and it is as real as anything you can touch.

How does that dream become a reality?

So if there is a compass to help you find the direction you need to travel in, there has to be something of substance inside of us, which we can take direction from and turn into something tangible and thriving.

In the present I can have it all model, people are investing so much energy into doing things just to get by. They see this as a necessity, the only way to keep themselves afloat. They ignore an everyday powerful force at their fingertips that will render this nightmarish illusion a reality of their own creation.

This tangible tool we all have, can not only envision the creation of your dream, but give you the roadmap to its achievement. It is story… Your Story! 

Where you have come from and where you are going to, are a powerful transformative blueprint for the practical creation of your dream. 

As a family, we have used key Storytelling techniques in conjunction with leading edge Self-Management and Self-Organising principals and processes to bring to life and put in place all the necessary domains, roles, responsibilities and tasks to bring our ventures and projects to life. Not only are these projects providing for our sustenance, we thrive in their fruition and they are in core alignment with what we know to be happiness. At the same time, our contribution is also realised in projects, ventures and communities that are in alignment with co-creating what is needed for our collective development on this planet… creating a legacy that will leave a positive impact on the world in which we live.

No one ever makes it on their own!

The inherent myth in the I can have it all stake is that you must make it on your own to be validated. Yet, every successful business person knows this to be false. Just like the quantum physicists who are proving that the construct of the entire universe is dependent on an intricate and highly interconnected set of interdependent relationships, so too is our capacity to realise our dreams in our ability to understand that our strength lies in our efforts to (co)-operate and co-create. 

This is one the greatest learnings we have realised from on our ongoing journey. There is strength in bringing together the people with whom you have meaningful relationships, to work together to create the life of your dreams.

We have also practically experienced that once you start the journey to realising your dreams, utilising intuition, story and process, the necessary players, situations and opportunities all rally to aid your dream’s coming to fruition.

Your Labour of Love.

Over the past 24 months, we have worked to bring these experiences together in an Incubator of Learning we have called Labour of Love. We have created a customised framework where we can work with groups of two or more people together to co-create a learning experience that is specific to realising your Labour of Love. 

We work with you to get to the very heart of assisting you to find, define, design, launch and bring to fruition your venture. This is that one venture that when realised, will bring into alignment your dreams, work, happy-life and harmonious surrounds into one and the same instance. 

It is by no means easy, in fact, it will challenge you to your core, forcing you to ask hard questions about who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go. However, if being happy is as essential to you as is taking breath, then we invite you to register your interest. 

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