We believe in the power of stories

Stories are universally relatable and accepted, loved and understood by all human beings, because they are inherent to who we are, how we interpret the world and the way we see our place in it. 

But every story needs a direction, its True North. 

Intuition...the compass to our direction

Intuition is a truly powerful tool we all have, an accurate compass for finding our direction. This is essential to know if we are to tell our story. We came to understand that we learnt best when we were all having fun. This was why we created a game we could play together that enabled us to ask the questions of our intuition we needed to ask, to consult and pinpoint with uncanny accuracy, our future direction as a family.

Story... the roadmap to our dreams

Stories and StoryTelling was once the way all humankind came together to connect and commune. Our stories hold the key to our greatest happiness. Together, as a family we learnt the power of StoryTelling and found that it helped us express the very authentic essence of our collective dreams and helped create the template for their realisation.

Our Labour of Love

We created Labour of Love as a family together, so that we could harness the power of Intuition, Stories and StoryTelling, to envision and create the roadmap and process necessary to bring to fruition the life of our passions and dreams.

Labour of Love is about making Stories work for you

Our flagship Labour of Love process is intentionally designed to help you create and see to fruition your own venture of success, be it for your organisation, group or most significantly, your family.

We combine the consulting of intuition, with creating a collective success story, one that is commonly agreed on by the group and weaves individual success goals with that of the group’s definition of success. This brought to fruition using a natural and humanistic process of self-organising / self-managed groups. 

These groups are created and organised by the stakeholders themselves into the domains, roles and the tasks necessary for the project to come to fruition. The domain owners are voted in by the group, based on everyone’s profile of natural talents and aspirations.

This is determined by an intentionally designed exercise to augment the venture’s overall story. The process allows all stakeholders to contribute in a meaningful manner, make critical decisions and engage fully, without the stifling need for full consensus.

How can you be certain which road to take?

Over the course of 90 minutes, we will take you on a fun, interactive way we can access the insights of our natural intuitive tool, which is always ready to give us the answers to the questions we seek as we play – The Intuition Game.

Ask the meaningful questions necessary to give your journey its true north and take your next steps with full confidence. By the end of the game, you will have practical answers and a fun, accurate way you can consult your intuition regularly, giving your life’s course the direction it needs to thrive.

A story is not alive until it is told... once told, it lives forever

Our StoryTelling Half-Day / Full-Day Workshops, intended to get to the very essence of your organisation’s, group’s or family’s story. This process is a way to sincerely get to the Heart of what it is you are seeking to envision and express individually into a commonly accepted narrative for bringing this vision to life.

What is learnt from this workshop can be applied just as effectively in a corporate situation as it can in a family setting, because stories are universally relatable and accepted, loved and understood by all human beings, because they are inherent to who we are, how we interpret the world and the way we see our place in it.

Why hesitate?

Trust your intuition.

All you have to do is take the first step.

George & Bobi Kaponay – Inventors of The Intuition Game